Sunday, November 20, 2005

Making a sorochka

This particular version of a Ukrainian blouse is a simple raglan sleeve blouse with a very wide neckline. I found it easier to attach the top of the sleeve to the front and back of the garment before sewing the side seams of both the sleeve and the body, but it can be attached after the side seams are sewn as well.
The flat lace that forms the casing is actually attached so that it extends beyond the edge of the shirt fabric. You end up with a fairly narrow casing, just wide enough for the braided cord. The ends of the lace casing meet at the centre of the mitred trim, right at the neckline. You do have to deal with a funny jog in the neckline of the front - I had a look at my daughter's shirt and it does look like I just let the lace follow the edge, jog included:

This really isn't noticeable on the finished garment, though, as the neckline is gathered up with the cord.

Here's how it should look all put together:

Good luck! Give me a shout if this still doesn't make any sense. Oh - and the fringe on the poyas is only about an inch - that's all you should have to fray.

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